Attractions in our area

Jersey Park

Jersey Park is an exceptionally well-preserved urban public park opened in 1925. Its original layout of formal and informal areas remains complete and includes sports facilities. Planting in the park is diverse and interesting, with an emphasis on evergreen trees and shrubs.

Craig y Darren(Briton Ferry Woods)

This ancient woodland is criss-crossed by a network of footpaths offering congenial walks with dramatic views of the town and Swansea Bay.

Jersey Canal(Neath & Tennant Canal)

The canal was construction in 1832 of the Jersey Canal, which was about 0.6 miles (1 km) long, and was built without an Act of Parliament by the Earl of Jersey. Another short extension was made around 1842. The final length of the canal was 13.5 miles (21.7 km). This links with Neath Tennant Canal