Happy Retirement Mike & Anita

After 39 years of owning Mike’s Newsagents, Mike & Anita are closing shop for the final time before passing the keys to new owners Thursday 14th August 2022.

Mike’s, as its more commonly known as, has been a chapter within Briton Ferry and a place I’m sure many of us will still remember in our hearts for years to come. Not just because of the name, but because of the kind and friendly staff members who’ve worked there every day of the week over the years. Mike’s wasn’t just a newsagents where you could buy you papers, bread and milk, but it was a place where you could have a nice chat and a catch up about anything because of the kindness of the staff members.

Mike & Anita would like to give their thanks to all customers for their loyalty to the business and the many memories they will cherish, and a big thank you to Susan and all the staff who’ve worked with them in the past.

Congratulations both, may you have a happy and relaxing retirement and thank you for being a big part of Briton Ferry.

Photo by Joshua Fulcher.

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