Route 47 of the National Cycle Network

Briton Ferry man David Channon is a Volunteer Ranger for  Sustrans.  Sustrans look after walking and cycling routes UK wide.  Several Briton Ferry Residents walked the route this week and were delighted to see that David had painted  what is known as The Millennium Mile Post Structure called The Fossil Tree, it is one of 3 in the area and was erected in 2000 with Lottery Funding. 

David said “this particular one was overdue for a coat of paint and  decided to pay tribute to our NHS and bring a smile to passing cyclists and walkers. All paints used,  were recycled bits and bobs  mixed to get the shades  needed.”  He also took time to ask passing children with their parents what colours they would like to see on the post.


If you would like to know more about this organisation and get involved check out their website.

Sustrans in Wales

1,690 miles of National Cycle Network cared for by us

Route 47

National Route 47 of the National Cycle Network is a mainly inland route starting at Newport and finishing at Fishguard passing through Neath and Carmarthen.

The National Cycle Network in Wales


The National Cycle Network is a series of traffic-free paths and quiet on-road cycling and walking routes, offering opportunities for everyday travel, discovery and play.

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