October Council Meeting

Town Council held their meeting on Thursday the 15th October

Prior to the meeting the mayor was presented with a bible by the Gideons.

The meeting was opened by the mayor Cllr. M. Davies at 1805.

There were a number of apologies for absence from Cllrs. M. Mort, B. Cosker. B. Kaines, S. John and C. Morgan.

There were declarations of interest from Cllrs. J. Edwards and Su. Davies

The crime figures for July were presented. In total there were 40 crimes for the month the highest were Anti-social behaviour and Violent and sexual, both were 19 reported.

A Planning requests was  dealt with, with  no observations.

The finances of the council had been audited and agreed.

Halls sub- committee meeting minutes were agreed and seconded. Grants were given to the Briton Ferry Mens’ Pensioners and The Briton Ferry Mens’ pensioners Bowls section. The Mayoral Annual Dinner will take place on the 5th March 2016. Christmas dinners at the Liberty Hall are to cost £10 per head and will take place on dates given by y the Liberty Hall staff. It was also agreed that Christmas closure will be from 23rd. December until 4th January.

Cllr. C. Morgan being away there was no report on the resource centre. However, Cllr. Su. Davies mentioned there would be a presentation in the centre to thank all the volunteers.

There were no Golden Weddings reported again.

Again there was no  representation by the press or constabluary.


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