Artwork Tribute to All Keyworkers

Kiyanna Parsons,  a young Briton Ferry artist has produced a lovely piece of artwork to recognise all Keyworkers.  Kiyanna who is 12 years old and is in Year 7 at Ysgol Bae Baglan wanted to celebrate their  hardwork and commitment in these unprecedented times. 

This is for the Shop Workers, Security Guards, Pharmacy Workers, Police, Fire Service, Coast Guards, all Volunteers, Funeral Directors & Staff, Office Staff working from home, Truckers, Refuse Collectors, Teachers, Delivery Drivers, Warehouse Staff, as well as the NHS and anyone else putting themselves at risk to keep others safe!
#stayhome #savelives #covid19 #MissFit_Art #feelingproud 


Well done Kiyanna and all Keyworkers. Thank you for allowing us to add to the Website. 


Artwork produced by Kiyanna Parsons and permission to add to the Website given by Patrice Parsons. 02/05/2020

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