Get Involved, Wales Nature Week 2020

Take a look in your garden and get ready for Wales Nature Week 2020!


This year, Wales Nature Week (May 30 – June 7) is all about the nature in our gardens and Neath Port Talbot Council’s Local Nature Partnership and Countryside and Wildlife Team need your help.

Take a look in your garden and get ready for Wales Nature Week 2020!

They want you to share with them your encounters with the birds, bees and bugs that share your garden. You may even be lucky enough to have a hedgehog visit your garden so if that happens – share that too!
And of course, you can join in if you don’t have a garden by spotting nature (safely) from your window.

The Local Nature Partnership and Countryside and Wildlife Team have a packed programme of events for you in Wales Nature Week, including Moth Trap Live, the Big Welsh Nature Quiz and live Q&As on social media.

The teams’ community of experts will be on hand throughout Wales Nature Week to answer your queries, offer tips on how to make your garden wildlife friendly and to help you record your sightings to build a better picture of our wildlife neighbours.
To start the week off, join the Council’s Garden BioBlitz on May 30th.  Open to all, it involves simply going out and spotting nature in your garden then posting the details on social media, using @NPTWildife on Facebook and on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #WNW2020 and #NPTWildlife.
Familiar favourites like sparrows, bees, hoverflies and butterflies will no doubt put in an appearance and you may be lucky to spot something less familiar!
Take part on social media at the following addresses:
Neath Port Talbot Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Sustainable Development, Cllr Annette Wingrave, said: “The events in Nature Week give families the chance to share their wildlife experiences while staying at home. There is a lot going on in our gardens and this is a good time to celebrate the beauty of nature which is literally right on our doorsteps.”

Events for Wales Nature Week so far in Neath Port Talbot include:

Saturday 30th May – Big Garden Bioblitz
Join the local environmental records centre and your local nature partnership to take part in the Big Garden Bioblitz, this year taking place virtually! We will be guiding you through recording different sightings in your garden throughout the day, with all your records helping the Council understand more about garden wildlife in Wales.

Monday 1st June – Pollinator Q&A
What’s that bee? How can I encourage native bees in my garden? Join Buglife Cymru’s Conservation Officer and bee expert Liam Olds for a live Q&A on bees in your garden to find out the answers! If you have a question, concern or just a story to share about the bees in your garden, get in touch with our expert on Monday 1st June at 3pm – LIVE on Twitter @NPTWildlife .

Tuesday 2nd June – Moth Trap Live
Join NPT and Swansea Local Nature Partnership member Barry Stewart LIVE from his garden in Swansea, opening a moth trap to see what species were caught overnight! Barry is a local expert and has been keeping records of the moths in his garden for many years. Join us on Facebook at 9.30am on Tuesday 2nd June to see what species have landed in the trap overnight. Maybe you will be inspired to start moth trapping for yourself!

Wednesday 3rd June – Garden Dragons Q&A
Got slow worms in your compost heap and frogs in your pond? Or would you like to find out how to encourage them? Join Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust’s Connecting the Dragons Project Officer for a live Q&A on reptiles and amphibians and reptiles in your garden. If you have a question, concern or just a story to share about these ‘dragons’ in your garden, contact our expert on Wednesday 3rd June at 6pm – LIVE on Twitter @NPTWildlife .


Taken from NPT Council Website 18th May 2020

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