Report Fly Tipping

Picture taken by SWP Neath Port Talbot 17/05/2020

Report fly-tipping

Find information on what to do with dumped rubbish on public and private land and what is being done to tackle fly-tipping in Wales

How to report fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is illegal dumping of rubbish. This can vary in scale from bin bags, fridges and mattresses to large quantities of waste dumped from trucks. It can be found anywhere – along roadsides, in lay-bys or on private land.

Local authorities are responsible for dealing with most types of small scale fly-tipping on publicly owned land including roads and lay-bys.

Report fly-tipping to your local authority or through the Fly-tipping Action Wales website

Report serious illegal dumping

We investigate the larger scale incidents of fly-tipping (generally those involving more than a lorry/tipper load of waste), incidents involving hazardous waste and organised gangs of fly-tippers which have a greater potential harm to human health and damage the environment.

To report bigger incidents of fly-tipping, visit our Report It page to find out how.

Facts about fly-tipping

  • Each year 42,000 tonnes of fly-tipping, the illegal dumping of waste, is reported in Wales
  • Fly-tipping costs the Welsh tax payer more than £2.1 million every year to clear up
  • Fly-tipping is a crime. If caught you could face fines of up to £50,000 or imprisonment
  • Fly-tipping is a threat to humans and to wildlife
  • Fly-tipping is a blight on our towns and countryside

What’s being done to tackle fly-tipping in Wales

Fly-tipping Action Wales is a partnership initiative, sponsored by the Welsh Government and coordinated by us to tackle fly-tipping.

It’s made up of 50 partners including the 22 local authorities in Wales, the national police and fire services, the National Farmers’ Union and many more.

You can find the advice you need to get rid of waste safely, legally and responsibly on the Fly-tipping Action Wales website.

News taken from Natural Resources Wales website 17/05/2020

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