How to Administer CPR & Locations of Defibrillators in Briton Ferry

Briton Ferry Town Council have installed two defibrillator boxes the location is, the Puddlers Public House, Shelone Road and Briton Ferry Community Centre, Lodge Cross, Briton Ferry.

There are three others that have been installed in Briton Ferry they are at Ty Llansawel, The Rugby/Cricket Club, Sports Association Building, Ynysymaerdy and at the Boys & Girls Club at Hengwrt.

How to administer CPR and get the Defibrillator

Always check your own safety first before approaching the casualty

Call out to the casualty to see if you get any response

If you have a casualty who is unresponsive and not breathing – you can check this by looking from the face sideways looking down the body to see if the chest is rising.

If you cannot see the chest rising, push the head back using two fingers under the chin and tilt upwards to clear their airway look again to see if the chest is rising and down

You can at this point get someone to go and get the defibrillator from the secure box

You will need to ring the number on the box who will give you a security code to open the box (instructions are clearly marked on the security box)


Start CPR which is two breaths using your mouth squeezing the nose at the same time – see if you can get the chest to rise on its own.

If the chest does not rise start chest compressions you need to feel down the chest to the end of the ribcage and with two hands one on top of each clasp together press down firmly but quickly 30 times – (if you know the tune to Nelly the elephant do the compressions to that beat or you can use the tune to staying alive by the bee gees)  these compressions need to be quick but firm (it possible to crack a rib while doing this but the end result is to resuscitate) .

If you are lucky enough to have help, get them to call for an ambulance giving the location and telling them the casualty is unresponsive

After doing the above twice you can then use the defibrillator.   Do not stop doing CPR until you have the defib, switch the defib machine on, the machine will give verbal instructions where to place the pads, when to stop doing compressions so it can give the electric shock to the body

Keep doing the 2 breaths and 30 compressions in between the defibrillators charging to shock the body again.

Stop when either the casualty has recovered, an ambulance has arrived or if you have become physically exhausted.


Information supplied by Councillor Sarah Davies 02/08/2021

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