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It was my pleasure this week to meet up with Richard Jones Pottsy and present him with a cheque for £300.00 (Mayor’s Allowance) towards the Megan Mai Foundation. I gave this a lot of thought as I wanted the donation to go to someone local who is achieving amazing things and the foundation spends absolutely nothing on administration.  Which means the money goes directly to help young people fighting serious illness.

I was fortunate to know Meg and watched her grow up, loving her sport and keeping active, great days spent playing rugby and football.

Please support this great cause if you can.

Megan Mai Foundation was launched after the passing of Meg’s, Richard’s daughter from cancer. I have added the Mission Statement from the website which say’s it all.


To date we have purchased several Air Purifier Machines, and these have been gifted to young people who are fighting serious illness. Despite all the amazing and professional care taken around Megs, she still picked up so many infections and bugs during the intense treatments. So, as a first step we wanted to donate these machines to help others who are now fighting.. even a small difference can be a massive help.

During Megs illness we received fantastic support from charities, for which we will be forever grateful. They helped give Megs many happier times during dark periods, and they gave us extra precious times and memories with our girl.

She touched so many people that her passing continues far beyond her close family and friends.  A truly special and inspirational girl, despite all she had to endure, she never lost her compassion and caring nature, and always wanted to help others.

My hope is that one day no one will ever have to face cancer. It is ugly. It is brutal. It is evil. It shows no compassion. No mercy. It does not discriminate.

Watching someone you love suffering in pain is indescribable, and when it is your child it is inconceivable, you are rendered totally helpless to ‘make it better’ for them. It is a sickening nightmare from which you cannot wake.

I can only say how immensely proud I am to be Megans Dad. To have had such a strong, close bond, and to have the blessing of being such an irreplaceable part of her short, but adventure filled life. So, in honour and memory of my daughter, I have taken the steps to create The Megan Mai Foundation.

It means so much for me to be able to channel my grief into something positive, to carry on to make Megs dreams become a reality in helping others and giving something back. This has to be my purpose now, and I owe it to my daughter to keep on fighting in her memory.

I know it will make her proud to be able to offer a little extra armour to those young warriors who are battling serious illness. And also to their families, particularly the siblings, who are often the unrecognised heroes in such awful times. I know my son has been a hero throughout, and is an anchor for me to stay grounded.

Somehow, I know that Megs is still with me, pushing me forward. She is still ‘The Boss’ of me… whispering in my ear “KEEP GOING DA

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